Welcome to my now defunct blog

Yes, as much as you are going to miss my unsightly ramblings, I’m moving on. I didn’t see a reason for this blog aside from to announce where I’ve been published (it’s still there, even if it’s only for my own purposes–I keep terrible records. But I’m working on that). I do have a point. Bear with me just one moment more and…
There it is!

That’s a link to my new blog. I intend to write it every week like a diligent little monkey. It will be about writing and teaching writing to high school students. It will focus on ways to make this often painful experience for students just a little bit more fun. Not too much fun, mind you. If you have too much fun with grammar they send you to a nice soft room with no windows. Just saying. I hope you’ll check out what I’m up to over there from time to time, and maybe even offer your own suggestions on how to accomplish the impossible: getting high school students to like writing.